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Keep car repair cost down at Central Florida Auto Repair

At Central Florida Auto Repair,we strive to keep our customers loyal and happy-and that means keeping them out of the shop as much as possible.

To keep auto repair costs down here is our advice:

-Always do factory recommended maintenance

-Vehicle fluids and systems have taken on technical advances to keep your vehicle at peak performance, give it longevity and safety.Dont ignore any noises ot lights.They are there to protect your vehicle from costly repairs.


-OEM Extended intervals of oil changes can be up to 15,000 miles but the norm is 7,500 miles on most cars and trucks.We suggest 5/5,000 miles from our experience for most driving conditions in Florida.


As a regular service ,we perform a free safety inspection and check the fluid levels and tire pressure of every vehicle that comes in our shop to help keep you safe and from a costly repair.


We want your vehicle and our relationship to last.



Brakes and Tires have advanced in recent years in safety and longevity.


Brake materials have ceramic and carbon fibre to last longer.


Anti lock brakes now assist in traction control in wet weather.


Tires have synthetic rubber and directional tread patterns to add safety .


Tire pressure sensors are more accurate to add to tire life.



All fluids have advanced to better fuel efficiency and life to your vehicle.


Motor oils are part or full synthetic.


Oils are at a 0 weight to increse fuel mileage and protection at start up.


Trans and rear fluids are synthetic.


Anti freeze is synthetic and vehicle specific.


Most cars do not require power steering fluid-steering is now electronic.





 You can not check the auto trans fluid on most cars today


 Some cars today do not have a motor oil dipstick


 The differential fluid needs service about every other oil change


 Brake fluid needs to be changed on a regualr basis


 A burnt out 3rd brake light can disable the anti lock brakes


A check engine light can make the transmission shift erratic.

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